Camp Swing started in 1997, and we're still at it - CELEBRATING VINTAGE DANCE, LIFESTYLE, AND DESIGN.


The 2019 dates are October Oct 18-20, 2019! If you have been to Camp before, we know you can't wait to get back to the 1930'S HISTORIC MENDOCINO WOODLANDS and see your old friends. If you've never been, you should really become part of the tradition. We have the highest quality instructors, the most creative class offerings, the gourmetest food, and absolutely the most fun. Registration is open, and you can also join our email list to be kept up to date with all the latest haps!

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The Dances

Camp Swing was founded on a love of the Lindy Hop and the Swing Era, but it doesn't stop there. Classes are offered in a variety of swing styles which often include Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Collegiate Shag, Charleston, and more swing styles like the Shim Sham, and 6-count (or East Coast).

We always mix in classes in other great dances to bring even more flavor to your moves. These sometimes include the Hustle, Salsa, Tango, Hip Hop, Tap, Rhumba, Bellydance, Hula and more!

In addition to dance classes we offer pop-up activities and skill development in such things as art, styling, vintage cocktails and more!

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Mendocino Woodlands

Three hours north of San Francisco is a wood and stone work art created by the WPA CCC during Depression 1930s. This beautiful, historic location is a perfect setting for our camp which focuses on inclusion, camaraderie, and fun!


recent News

This year at Camp Swing we will have new social learning opportunities! Vintage Hair, Vintage Cocktails, Vintage Nature Hike! Camp Swing encourages Camper Participation ~ Do YOU have something you would like to share with Camp Swing? Let us know here!