I love that it’s a swing camp in the middle of the woods, I loved the party and talent show on Saturday night, I loved the Halloweeny bits, I loved the Swing Rueda at the end, I loved the food and the cameraderie! And I was absolutely DELIGHTED with the bottomless glass idea, what a great concept!!!!

[I loved] stepping outside the rec hall on Friday and Saturday evening, steam rising from everyone after trying our new moves, and hearing Stompy Jones playing as the lights were shining out into the night time forest. It was like time travel to a 40s roadhouse…
Wow… First of all I would like to thank everyone who made this camp possible. It was such an amazing experience! I think what I liked the best about it, is how it felt like a true community. A place where all different kinds of people could come together and enjoy swing. It was great to see LGBT people and straight people together having fun, also young and older people, even people from different parts of the world (Germany, Sri Lanka, Mexico.)! Staff members were very, very friendly and helpful. I think they set the tone to the camp and make everything possible. Thanks again!!!

I want to thank all the organizers of this years Camp Swing in Mendocino! I had a great time. My friend and I drove up from Monterey for it. We definitely will come next year and recommend it to friends as well. The atmosphere was great; we met so many great people and danced ourselves silly. The food was terrific, healthy and kept me dancing from Friday through Sunday. You all are terrific!
— Sara Moore

Swing Camp was such fun last year–wonderful teachers, fabulous band ([Stompy Jones] is now even better–my favorite band), beautifully organized, delicious food.

The camp, the accommodations, the music, the teachers, the food, the hospitality, the other students, the setting in the redwoods, the walks, the band, were the tops!! Thank you, again, for organizing this.
— Tina Scott

Camp Swing was the most fun I had last year. Everything about it was fabulous, and it seemed to me like everyone was having a ball. I would recommend this experience to beginning and advanced dancers alike. In fact, I already have.

If you go to one dance camp this year, make it this one. It is the most intimate, the most scenic (although Catalina is a close second), and the most fun of any camp I have been to. It also happens to be the best value. Can you beat that?”
— Kristin Long

There is something special about Camp Swing Mendocino… It’s special enough that I’m coming in from Sierra Vista Arizona to join in and swing in the redwoods….. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet some great people learn from the best, and dance till the wee hours, all in the most georgious country there is! [The Camp Swing organizers] do a first rate job, there is just nothing like this! Come swing with us!!!!
— Cynthia Klenk

World-class instructors in an other-worldly setting of the redwoods of Mendocino make for a most memorable setting, for dancing as well as camping with other dancers, bringing everyone closer together. The best of both worlds.
— Joe Price

There are a multitude of reasons to go to Camp Swing Mendocino. The site is very beautiful… Any of you familiar with the “Lark in the Morning” camp will know the location well. The location was beyond enchanting, the instructors were great, the evening entertainments wonderful … But ya’ wanna know the biggest reason that Camp Swing was so memorable? Why I’d recommend it?

Time and time again I hear the same thing said in even the most glowing reports of other camps… As much fun as they had, and as much as they learned, they simply didn’t get to socialize nearly as much as they’d have liked.

Even more than Catalina, we were just a bunch of dancin’ fools all to ourselves! We ate, slept, danced, learned, socialized, made s’mores (yum!), told bad jokes (Hey! Whose foot is that?!)… all of this *together*. It was such a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, and to get to know all of these people I would see around me at clubs, yet never got (made?) the occasion to get to know!”
— Ruth Daughters